Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Plumbing in Hurricane!

Spring cleaning is a time to go through the annual cleaning checklist and prepare for the warmer days ahead, but don’t forget about all of the cleaning beneath the surface like routine upkeep on your home’s plumbing in Hurricane! But why should you care about your plumbing in the first place? When you perform these simple maintenance task and inspections, you reduce the likelihood of needing a repair and if you find a problem with your plumbing, you have more time to react allowing you to fix the problem for a fraction of the cost. So now that you know why it is important to take care of your plumbing in Hurricane, let’s talk about how.

Plumbing in Hurricane

With winter on the way out, melted snow and spring showers are on their way. So, the first thing to do is check that your drains are cleared and working properly. If your sink or shower is draining slowly or there are signs of leaks, like a puddle or mildew growth, now is a good time to have a professional plumber take a look. You should also perform a quick visual inspection of all faucets, toilet bases, and pipe fittings for potential leaks or water stains. You will also want to flush your water heater and ensure that it is set to 120 degrees to save money. If your heater is getting older and needing frequent repairs, consider buying a new water heater.

These steps can take minutes and go a long way in terms of saving you money. Most plumbing accidents and damages show signs before they become costly disasters, all you need to do is check for them! So, experience the satisfaction of completing an annual checklist and enjoy a home with properly functioning plumbing in Hurricane!