Is This Really a Plumbing Emergency in Hurricane?

Your drain clogs. Your toilet won’t flush. Your sink backs up. Do any of these qualify as a plumbing emergency in Hurricane? What is a dire emergency to one person may be only a minor inconvenience to another. One family told of a teenage son left alone for a weekend; he tried to put the peelings from five pounds of potatoes down the sink disposal all at one time. When the disposal ground to a halt and the sink filled with water and debris, he left it undisturbed until his parents came home. The smell! Not an emergency to a 16-year-old boy, but his mom felt differently!

Plumbing Emergency in Hurricane

A plumbing emergency in Hurricane can mean anything from a clogged sink to a problem in the main line from the city system. When emergencies happen, you have two options: get it cleared or wait it out. The only time waiting makes sense is if you aren’t bothered by the problem and waiting means avoiding an after-hours call. If you have more than one toilet and you can isolate the clogged one, wait until Monday morning to give us a call. If you aren’t dealing with a hygiene issue than could cause unsafe conditions, call us during regular hours so you don’t have the higher costs.

Another option is to try to fix the problem yourself. If you can use the utility wrench on your disposal to shift the clog and fix it yourself, have at it. There’s no need to call a professional for a plumbing emergency in Hurricane if you can save yourself the wait and the cost and fix the problem on your own.

But be safe if you choose to fix a plumbing emergency yourself. Don’t use harsh chemicals on your lines and don’t attempt anything that makes you feel uneasy about the outcome. That’s what we’re here for.