Answers to Your St. George Sewer and Drain Cleaning Questions

If you have questions about plumbing, specifically about St. George sewer and drain cleaning questions, you have come to the right place. A lot of people don’t know much about how drain cleaning works, why they would need to unless they have a backed-up sink or clogged toilet, or what to expect when someone does come out. Now is your chance to get some answers, and we hope you’ll let us know if you have others.

St. George Sewer and Drain Cleaning

First, St. George sewer and drain cleaning can be accomplished by either plumbers or by drain cleaning specialists. The difference is that, if you need a line completely replaced and excavation done, you need a plumber. If you simply want line maintenance and cleaning, you are fine with a drain cleaner. A drain cleaner specializes in clearing and maintaining sewer and drain pipes, so they have specialized equipment to make those jobs quick and effective. They do not, however, have excavation equipment; that is a different speciality.

Next, why would anyone have their drain cleared if they didn’t have a clog? The main reason is that clearing a line is fairly quick if it isn’t completely blocked. If your drain is starting to make noises, has a bad smell, or is draining slowly, we can clear the obstruction before it becomes a total blockage. A total blockage can sometimes result in backing up that spills onto floors or leaks behind walls, causing significant damage. Clear the drain or check the noises or smells before you have the big damage, and you limit your bill to a simple drain clearance.

Finally, what does clearing a line involve? We have a variety of tools to run down a line and clear a blockage. We have snipers that can cut through roots that have grown in, as well as the regular drain snakes for simple clogs and the famous hydro jet that can clear major blockages.