Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain – Sink Drain Repair in Leeds

An easy way to stay from needing frequent sink drain repair in Leeds is by being aware of what you let go down the drain. Doing so can save you money on repairs, avoid irritating clogs, and even reduce pollution.

For the most part, you can use common sense and know not to throw cotton balls and fruit pits down the drain. But some of the less obvious items that you should be wary of include: Egg shells, pasta, bone, rice, coffee grounds, cooking oil, grease, medicine, or flour. The hard objects like bone and egg shell can easily leave behind traces and start a clog. Cooking oils, grease, and animal fats are huge contributors to sink clogs because they can solidify and stick to the inner lining of the pipes. Pasta and rice have the shared trait of swelling when put down the drain and coffee grounds, when met with grease, quickly becomes a sludgy nightmare. So, knowing what contributes to clogs that lead to sink drain repair in Leeds can help you avoid unnecessary visits from the plumber.

Keep in mind, if you have young kids in the house, they may not understand what should or should not go down the drain. Do your home’s plumbing and your kids a favor by letting them know what is appropriate to throw down the sink and what belongs in the garbage bin.

Sink Drain Repair in Leeds

However, despite being cautious about what falls down the drain, you may find yourself in need of sink drain repair in Leeds anyway. Not to worry! It is inevitable that minerals and other debris will build up overtime and cause a slower draining or clog. When this happens, either roll up your sleeves and attempt to unclog yourself, or you can call your local plumber for your sink drain repair in Leeds!