Plumbing Repairs in La Verkin Every Homeowner Should Know About

If you need plumbing repairs in La Verkin, you may be able to do some yourself, and others you will want a professional to handle. How do you know which is which? We can give you a few hints, along with a caution that all DIY repairs are subject to your own confidence level in your skills. So what can you handle alone? Leaky faucets, constantly running toilets, slightly clogged drains—those are all easy DIY jobs. Some faucet repairs are easy, but not all. Once you get into clogged lines, you probably don’t want to do it yourself, and anything involving backed-up water getting all through your house is a definite “call us” fix.

Plumbing Repairs in La Verkin

To do your own plumbing repairs, you need to have the right tools and a little knowledge. Let’s start with a leaky faucet. If all you need is a new washer, then having the washer and pliers is fairly sufficient. The problems that arise in this instance are (1) if you don’t know how to shut off the water long enough to make the fix and (2) if your faucet is stubborn, with just regular pliers, you can damage the finish on the faucet.

If you are looking at a constantly running toilet, you likely just need to fix that chain and arm inside the tank. A new chain fixture typically costs under $10, and you don’t need any special tools. Make sure you know where to shut off the water for the toilet as well.

Slightly clogged drains are among the easiest plumbing repairs in La Verkin. If the clog is hair near the surface of the drain, a pair of needle-nose pliers works wonders. You can also buy those in-drain hair catchers to save this problem entirely.

If the clog isn’t hair, but grease, hot water and the baking soda-vinegar fix will usually help without damaging the pipes.

Beyond those fixes, give us a call to help with the harder stuff!