Simple Saving Solutions for Fall Comfort — Clogged Drain in St. George

With the winter season ahead, now is a great time to deal with home repair and maintenance and that includes a clogged drain in St. George. Here are a few simple steps to get your home ready for the fall so you can save money down the road.

Clogged Drain in St. George

For starters, you want to remove your outdoor hose before temperatures drop too much. Also, keep an eye out for any drips or leaks from the outdoor faucet. If any water is still around by the time winter comes, the water will expand, which leads to cracks or ruptured pipes and leaves you with costly damages that are easy to prevent.

You can also seal any gaps in your home that let in cold air or insulate any of your home’s pipes that are in colder areas to further reduce the risk of a frozen, ruptured pipe. Once you have ensured your home’s pipelines is safe from the colder weather, you can move to more common plumbing expenses, such as a clogged drain in St. George.

To save money on unclogging drains, knowing the common mistakes that lead to clogs can really help. For kitchen sinks, try not to let bone bits, grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, and other items down the drain that are likely to stick to the inner linings of the pipe. For shower and bathroom sink drains, hair is typically the biggest cause of clogs. An easy fix for this is to buy a hair catch. They are very affordable and will save you on money when trying to unclog your drain down the road.

So, what are you waiting for? Fall plumbing maintenance is quick, easy, and can save you hundreds on damages from pipes as well as trips from plumbers for a clogged drain in St. George.