How to Prevent a Christmas Plumbing Emergency

The last thing you want interrupting your Christmas morning is a plumbing emergency, so take some time now to ensure your home’s plumbing is under control. Take care of the boring maintenance now, so you can focus on enjoying the holidays, free from any unfortunate plumbing mishaps.

Not only will performing plumbing maintenance reduce the likelihood of a breakdown from ruining the holiday, but it saves money and keeps the clean water flowing in and the used water out. It is also extremely easy to prevent common issues like clogs by following some simple rules.

For starters, you should watch what you let go down the drain. It is common for hair, food bits, sanitary napkins, and grease to cause clogs that can lead to bigger issues overtime. Another plumbing emergency that comes with the holiday season is ruptured pipes due to the colder temperature. To keep your home safe, it’s a good idea to insulate any rooms with exposed pipes and to remove your outdoor hose if you have one. A few easy ways to do this is to make sure your door and windows are sealed tightly and if your pipes are still vulnerable to the cold, try keeping the temperature on your thermostat at a decent level throughout the day and night. Not only is it a pain to pay for repairs when a pipe is ruptured, but it often leads to expensive water damage, which outweighs the cost of heating your home.

Another important step of prevent plumbing problems is to have your home regularly inspected by a professional. Setting up a date with your plumber is quick and it could save you from running into trouble down the road. So, keep these tips in mind this holiday season so you and your family can enjoy your Christmas morning, free from any plumbing emergencies.