Hydro Jetting for the Holidays

That title sounds like a vacation near a lake, but it isn’t. Hydro jetting is the process of using high-powered jets of water to clear tough obstructions from your drain pipes. When do you use it and why should you care?  During the holidays, even more than at other times, we have guests and extra cooking and foods that we don’t usually eat. Stuff gets dumped down kitchen sinks that probably shouldn’t go there. Things get accidentally knocked into trash cans and toilets. Soap and hair get washed down shower drains.  And all this can cause problems, but we can help.

Before you get to hydro jetting, you will be best served by trying
to clear the drain yourself. In fact, before the guests arrive, you can run hot
water and use the baking soda and vinegar fix to clear tub and sink drains to
get them ready for the guests.  Clean out
the hair that is obvious and at the surface so you don’t have backup during a

If you have done your best, however, and the drains are still slow
or not working, give us a call. We can come and make the slow drains speed up
or clear the ones that aren’t working. 
We can help you get ready for the onslaught of guests so you can
concentrate on enjoying them once they are here.  We don’t want you worrying about having to
find a plumber on Christmas Eve!

A few final tips: don’t put popcorn kernels down the disposal. In
fact, try to avoid putting any peelings there (egg shells, potato peelings,
carrot peelings, and tough outer skins of other produce).  The garbage disposal may advertise that it
can grind anything up, but they are meant for the small waste from your dinner
plate. So, take care of your plumbing and enjoy your holiday!