Will Hydro Jetting Work to Clear Out Tree Roots?

Hydro jetting is a well known method to deep clean your home’s plumbing system, but a common question is will it still perform when tree roots have found their way into pipes? Well, the short answer is yes, hydro jetting excels at clearing and preventing tree roots from spreading. However, hydro jetting is no small job and will require the help of a professional.

Hydro jetting
consists of using highly pressurized water that scrapes off any gunk that
clings to the inner linings of a plumbing system. It is a heavy duty job and it
is important to note that older homes (that contain old or brittle pipes) may
not be eligible for this method. That is why it is important to let the experts
do their job before taking any action.

Hydro Jetting and Tree Roots

Plumbers will insert
a tiny camera to inspect the inside of the house’s pipes, this way you know if
tree roots are the source of the clog. If you are skeptical of hydro jetting,
consider the alternatives. You can use a mechanical auger, which tears open
your yard to reach the invasive tree root or you can pour chemicals down the
pipeline to kill the tree. Don’t go through the hassle of digging up your yard,
just to temporarily remove the tree root.

On top of hydro
jetting making quick work of any tree roots, it is also an environmentally safe
solution!  You avoid wearing down your
pipes with harsh chemicals and you remove any buildup that is causing slow
drains or clogs.

So, whether you want
to improve the plumbing efficiency at home or in a commercial building, don’t
hesitate to give hydro jetting a try, and see for yourself how easy it is to
get rid of those pesky tree roots!