Questions to Ask Your Plumbing Company

When you need a plumbing company, you are often in a state of emergency, so you don’t take the time to ask the questions you need to.  You have two solutions for that scenario: find a good plumber when it isn’t an emergency or take the time even though it is an emergency.  Either way, the questions and research are the same: you need to find someone who is honest, reliable, and reputable.

To find a reputable plumbing company, first do your research.  If you have friends or coworkers who have
used a plumber before, ask them who and what they thought. Some people
recommend anyone they have ever used; don’t trust those people. Ask people who
have given some thought to the question. 
And do your online homework: read reviews and visit websites. See what
other people say about a company and look at what is most recent. Any company
can have an unusual stretch, so if their reviews are mostly good, but they had
one bad stretch, and they are good again, watch the pattern.

When you actually call a plumbing company, as a few
questions.  Do they charge a flat rate
for certain services?  Do they have to be
in front of the problem before they quote you a price?  Get an idea up front.  Most plumbers won’t quote you a flat price
except for basic services like replacing a toilet.  Anything that is a fix requires eyes on the
situation before they can see how complicated or easy it might be.

Ask about guarantees. Will they replace the defective work? Will
they refund your money? If a water heater is faulty, do you go through the
plumbing company that brought and installed it or the manufacturer?  You need to ask these kinds of questions up
front so you aren’t in the dark at the end.