Is Hydro Jetting Drains an Eco-Friendly Option?

If your drains are clogged, you probably haven’t thought of hydro jetting drains as your first option for how to clear the clog.  You have the option of using your own tools—a plunger or even a drain snake you bought for the purpose—or you can grab a bottle of commercial drain cleaner that relies on chemicals to eat through the clog.  And you know you can call a plumber to clear up the problem because their tools are typically better than what most of us have in our homes. But some plumbers are better equipped than average and have a more powerful tool for clearing stubborn clogs: a hydro jet.

Hydro Jetting Drains

Which of these options is most eco-friendly and what exactly is hydro jetting drains? If you are asking those questions, you are not alone.  So, let’s look at the options.

Obviously, a plunger (also known as a plumber’s helper) is very
eco-friendly.  It relies on suction and
arm power, and other than the rubber and plastic or wood required to make it,
it has no impact on the environment.  A
plumber’s snake is about the same as far as environmental impact goes.  However, most plumbing snakes you can buy at
your local department store are far less effective than the ones professional
plumbers use. 

Chemicals from drain cleaning can damage your pipes, as any number
of YouTube videos can demonstrate. 
Worse, as they enter the sewage system, they are also bad for the
environment, whether in a city sewage system or in a septic tank system.

Hydro jetting drains can clear clogs that neither a plumber’s snake nor drain chemicals can touch. Since it uses only high-powered water as its tool, it is completely safe for the environment and for your pipes. Take a minute to watch the video on our site and see what a great, eco-friendly solution hydro jetting drains is for you and for your pipes.