Home Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money

Over the years, there have been plenty of home plumbing myths thrown around that claim to save you work, time, or money, but actually have a negative long-term effect on your plumbing. So, let’s talk about some of the tricks that homeowners have tried, what they hoped to accomplish, and how there is a better approach than the myth.

Starting with what
you let go down the sink drain. One of the more popular ideas is that if you
throw ice cubes down the garbage disposal, it will help sharpen the blades,
leading to less frequent repairs. This is wrong right off the bat because they
imagine a type of blender blade that grinds up any food bits. In reality, a
spinning plate pushes food to the bottom rim, and the shredder ring then shreds
bits similar to a cheese shredder. Instead, the only purpose of this will be to
clean off the plate.

Another common home
plumbing myth is that it is OK to pour grease down your sink if it is
accompanied with boiling water. This is not accurate and, unsurprisingly, the
boiling water will not prevent grease from solidifying and sticking to the
lining of your pipe and disposal. So, prolong the life of your drain and throw
grease out in the garbage instead.

Lastly, there is a
rumor that putting a brick inside the tank of the toilet will save water. This
has no backing whatsoever, and, will likely lead to improper waterflow and if
you are really unlucky, the brick may break apart and damage internal parts of
the toilet.

There are plenty more
to go through, but they all revolve around avoiding a plumber’s call with a
easy DIY method that sounds too good to be true. A good rule of thumb is to
google any plumbing tips you hear or consult your local plumber first. Either
way, be cautious and don’t fall prey to these home plumbing myths that cost you