Top Summer Plumbing Don’ts — Professional Drain Cleaning

There are certain aspects of the seasons that impact your home’s plumbing, so read these top summer plumbing don’ts so you can prevent or save money when hiring professional drain cleaning!

For starters, there
are hot days that can impact your home’s plumbing lines by causing pipes to
expand and lead to more ruptures. As we all know, heat causes expansion, and
when your old pipes are already under a lot of stress, that may just be enough
to cause flooding. It is also nice to get all of your plumbing done in the summer
so you can start the new season without any worries.

As opposed to a
store-bought cleaner, professional drain cleaning can fix the problem at the
root and prevent problems from happening down the line. So, while it may cost
you a few extra bucks to have it handled now, it is pocket change to what you
will end up paying if disaster strikes.

Another factor that
many homeowners don’t take into account is sprinkler lines. While they lie
dormant in the winter, making sure you don’t forget to properly drain them
before the cold strikes is another way to prevent unnecessary repairs.

Another important
plumbing tip is to be aware of any exposed pipes while the days are still nice.
It is not uncommon for hose lines to be left out, causing the spigot to freeze
over and the connected pipeline to burst.

So, make an annual summer
checklist to go over so you know you are ready for a change in temperature.
Just to double check your work, you want a trained eye on the scene. Don’t
hesitate to contact a professional drain cleaning service or local plumber to
ensure you’ve done everything correctly, so you can sit back and enjoy the rest
of your summer!