Questions to Ask Your Licensed Plumber

Looking for a licensed plumber?  Not sure what to ask to make certain that you have someone who will do a good job and be reliable?  We can help.  Lots of people claim to be able to work on plumbing, but having someone who is actually licensed and bonded and insured is critical if you want a job done that will hold up over time and will not cause you headaches just a few weeks or months later.  Unfortunately, we all know someone who has a horror story, don’t we!

A licensed plumber is someone who not only had to study and learn
the rules of plumbing, but also had to prove they were capable of performing
the required jobs.  They had to pass
tests and they have to continue to stay up to date or their license

So, when someone tells you they are a licensed plumber, ask for
their information.  You can ask for the
license, the insurance number, all of it. 
And it is a good idea to do so; make sure you aren’t getting someone who
claims expertise they haven’t earned.

You also want to check with complaint sites and business reviews to see what others say about the person you are considering using. Don’t expect to see a perfect rating — that sort of no complaints rating is the sign of someone who hasn’t had many years at the work or who is incentivizing people to give good reviews.

What you want to notice is whether the complaints were resolved
and whether they are recent.  Everyone
has someone who either likes to complain or expects perfection.  You can disregard those reviews. 

You want someone who resolves complaints and for whom the most
recent reviews are solid.  Then call and
ask about certifications, insurance, and license.