Can Hydrojet Cleaning Damage Pipes?

Hydrojets sound like something you watch as a water sport, but they have a use in clearing clogs from drains, and hydrojet cleaning is really, really effective.  If you have a clog that won’t loosen with standard drain cleaning practices and techniques, a hydrojet may be exactly the right approach.  Let’s talk about what to expect and how this revolutionary technique might be exactly what your drain needs.

Hydrojet cleaning is the process of using high powered water to clean clogs from drains.  Let’s be clear: this won’t damage your drains. 

You likely have a couple of concerns.  First, you need that drain cleared, and you
have seen the ads about liquid chemical drain cleaners and how they can dissolve
the clogs. That is true.  But chemicals
can cause corrosion inside your pipes, which weakens them so that the constant
pressure of debris going through them may eventually damage them to the point
of replacement.  Not an easy or a cheap

But, you ask, doesn’t water erode rock and cause big damage — like, say, the Grand Canyon? Yes, water can do that — over thousands and even millions of years.  But that is water beating against the rocks. In hydrojet cleaning, the water is beating against the clog, but going smoothly the same direction as your pipes, which causes no damage at all.

Watch the video we have posted for you.  Water blasting against debris will clear it quickly, but we get the hydrojet close to the clog before we turn it on, so the water only hits the clog. Then it goes the same direction as your pipes, gliding along and rinsing the debris with it, clearing your pipes so they can function as intended. Give us a try today and see how happy you are with our service.