Drain Problems? Call the Experts

Every home has drain
problems now and then.  Sometimes it is a
hair clog, sometimes a grease clog.  Sometimes
you have roots growing through the main line running to the city’s sewer.  With drains, you have a lot of options! The
big question, of course, is what do you do to fix the problem?

If you have an
unmoving clog, your first choice is to fix it yourself. With hair and grease,
the baking-soda-and-vinegar trick will often work.  Sometimes not. And sometimes your drain
problems come because something was put down the drain that doesn’t belong:
toys, pencils, take-out containers. 
Fruit pits in the garbage disposal. 
You’d be surprised at the things we find. Or not.  If you have raised children, you’ve probably
seen a similar array to what we can describe. 

For those kinds of
problems, you likely need something stronger than home remedies, and sometimes
you need industrial strength even for those hair or grease clogs.  What you don’t want to do is use chemical
drain cleaners.  The chemicals can hard
your pipes.  If you have a plumber’s
helper or plumbing snake, use that.  If
you don’t, or if even that isn’t enough, call the experts.

If your drain problems are a clog, we can clear it.  We have more tools than most homeowners, so we have the right one, guaranteed.  We can use specialized tools to snip roots, others to blast away clogs that won’t clear with a snake.  And if a real snake went down your drain, we can help with that, too.

Word of warning: do
try to educate everyone living with you about garbage disposals.  If those are unmoving due to someone thinking
to drop all the unpopped popcorn kernels down the drain, or the peach pit or
the avocado pit or… you get the picture. 
You can actually break the motor on one of those.