Plumbing Repair Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of work and challenges, such as getting ready for house and plumbing repair in the future. Whether or not you handle these issues by hiring a plumber or by doing the repair yourself, you want to be aware of some tips that can reduce the likelihood of problems and minimize the cost.

Once you have made
the move to your new home, the first thing you want to do is take note of where
the main water shutoff valve is. In the case of a ruptured pipe where water is
spilling out, every second will cost you, so the sooner you can cut off the
water supply to your new home, the less damage will be done.

Another plumbing
repair tip for first time homebuyers looking at used homes is to check for
clogged drains, old water heaters, and water stains. If you notice any of
these, you should be prepared to spend some more money. Clogged drains can lead
to annoying plumbing leaks and increased strain on your home’s pipes due to the
increased water pressure. Water heaters are not cheap, and they certainly don’t
last forever. So, remember as a plumbing repair tip, that water heaters last on
average for about 8 to 12 years.

Lastly, water stains
are brown blotches that is typically found along walls or ceilings where pipes
or roofs can leak onto. This is also an indicator of a possible leak. So, be
aware of these signals that a plumbing repair is not far away and be prepared
to handle it by either rolling up your sleeves and learning how to perform the
repair yourself, or by relying on a local, insured plumber to do the job.