How to Prevent Christmas Plumbing Emergencies

The holiday season is a time for friends and family, so prepare for the worst by making sure you or your loved ones don’t run into any plumbing emergencies while visiting! Working to prevent plumbing issues is rather easy when you keep an eye out for the symptoms and take action instead of sitting on it when you do notice something wrong.

An example would be
preventing ruptured pipes. The colder weather can cause sprinklers and exposed
or poorly insulated pipes to rupture, so remember to turn off your sprinkler
system and keep your home at a good temperature. Ruptured pipes are one of the
more serious examples, but there are plenty of smaller nuisances that can be a
bother to your guests. These include slow draining sinks, dripping faucets, or
clogged drains.

Before going into
what you can do to solve or reverse these issues, here is how to prevent them
from happening. Clogged drains and slow draining sinks come from a similar
cause. Either foreign objects falling down the drain and blocking the way for the
draining water or by the slow buildup overtime of hair, dirt, and other gunk.
If you notice a sudden clog, it is safe to assume the former while a slow drain
that builds up to become a clog is likely the latter.

Unless you have some
experience with clogs or using a drain auger, I’d recommend calling a trusted
plumber to help with removing the object. There are some home remedies you can
try for a slow drain to save you a plumbers’ visit, but if you truly want to
minimize the chance of a Christmas plumbing emergency, a plumber is always the
safest call. Dripping faucets typically require a new o-ring and aren’t too
difficult to repair yourself if you have the tools and a guide to follow. So,
with these preventative tips for plumbing emergencies in mind, you can sit back
and enjoy the holidays!