Common Causes of Home Sewer Back ups

Fighting against home sewer back ups is easy when you can identify the common causes and can take preventative action! While it is easy to forget to check on your home’s plumbing situation, it is a good rule of thumb to handle any problems that naturally arise and have a scheduled maintenance to catch anything that is going on underneath the surface. So let’s talk about some of the causes of home sewer back ups that you can start identifying.

The most common
causes include: clogged drains and pipes, invasive tree roots, and collapsed
pipelines. As you can tell, keeping tree roots from growing into your home’s
pipes is not a task you can keep up with, so it is important to focus on the
aspect you can change, such as clogged drains and let a trip from a plumber
take care of the rest.

Some steps you can do
to reduce clogs include clearing any blockage that is building up within the
linings of the pipes and just being careful about what you let go down the
drain. When it comes to clearing out some of the gunk that sticks to the walls
of the pipe, you have a few options.

One popular method is
to buy some drain cleaner from your local market but be cautious because each
use will wear down the pipe and will make a ruptured pipe that much more
common. You could also try a home remedy of pouring a cup of vinegar down the
drain, wait for half an hour and then pour down very hot water.

Lastly, you can
really reduce the likelihood of clogged drain or plumbing backup by being
careful about what falls down the drain to begin with. Some common culprits for
clogs include: hair, grease, bone, coffee grinds, and other trash such as
dental floss. So long as you are cautious about what goes down the drain and
you contact a plumber when a problem like a ruptured pipe arises, you shouldn’t
have to worry much about home sewer back ups!