Tips and Direction on Plumbing Upgrades of Every Size

So, you are remodeling. You have worked on the yard landscaping, lawn and garden, and now it is time for the house.  What should you do? Have you thought of plumbing upgrades?  You can add value to your home and even decrease your bills with just a few changes to your plumbing.  Let’s look at water heaters, faucet flow, and water recycling.

The first of the plumbing upgrades you should consider is your water heater.  How old is the unit currently warming your water?  Each year, water heaters become more efficient, potentially saving you enough money on your bills to cover their cost.  If your water heater is less than 10 years old, you are likely fine. But if your water heater is older than 10 years, you may want to do some online comparing to see what you can do to your bills with a newer, more efficient version. Always consider how long you plan to be in your home as you make this choice.

Another element to watch in your home is the faucet flow. Most showers have low flow shower heads, but many faucets do not.  And you can get a low flow toilet that still does the job if you want to upgrade. A few simple upgrades such as these can save you money on your water bills and also make your home more attractive to live in or more attractive to potential buyers if you are looking to sell.

One upgrade in particular is finding ways to reuse water in your home. Recycled water is not only a great way to cut your bills, but also supports the environment and increases the value of your home.

The best plumbing upgrades, of course, are well maintained pipes that do not clog or cause problems in your home.