Experienced Southern Utah Plumber

Experienced Southern Utah PlumberExperienced Southern Utah Plumber
You need a plumber when you have clogged drains, sure, but you need a plumber a lot of other times as well. If you need a Southern Utah plumber, you know that Dixie Drain Doctor does more than just clear drains.  Whatever your plumbing needs, we can help.

If you need a Southern Utah plumber, you can call Dixie Drain Doctor, even if you don’t need a drain cleared.  What all do plumbers do?
• Water heaters—if you need yours drained, if you need it checked out because something isn’t working right, if you need it replaced. We do all that.• Main lines—your main sewer line from your home to the city’s facilities is a popular one for trees to find and colonize.  It carries water and nutrients that trees love.  When yours becomes clogged, we can help.• In-sink disposals—we can repair garbage disposals or install a new or replacement unit• Hydro jetting—we can blast big clogs with our hydro jetting system (see the video on our website)• Pipe inspection—if you have a suspected leak, if you are moving into a new home, we can help you look at the piping system and see if there are any problems going on• And, of course, drain clogs—too much hair down your shower drain?  Too much grease or potato peelings down your kitchen sink?  Did someone flush a size C battery down your toilet?  We can clear all those drains.  And we have a snake inspection camera if you need to be reassured about our work.

You really never know when you will need a plumber, but for planning purposes, remember that water heaters usually last 6 – 10 years, garbage disposals 3 – 5, and that most drains will need to be cleaned every few years just to keep everything moving.