Dixie Drain Doctor: Need Help With Kitchen Plumbing?

Your kitchen’s plumbing tends to get a lot of activity, so be prepared to identify and handle some of the most common kitchen plumbing problems out there! Some of these common plumbing problems can be attributed to the daily wear and tear of your facilities such as the sink or dishwasher.

Some of the most common kitchen plumbing problems include: clogs or drips within the kitchen sink, fridge water line malfunctions, problems with dishwasher drain, or leaks under the sink. These issues can be pretty apparent for the most part, and there are usually signs that can tip you off of a problem early on, such as a puddle around the dishwasher, a slow drain in the sink, or an unpleasant smell from beneath the kitchen sink.

If you keep an eye out for these signs, oftentimes you can attempt to solve the problem without spending too much time or money. Some of these issues can even be handled yourself without spending money if you have the tools and the know-how. But it is also important to keep in mind it can be expensive to make a mistake when attempting any plumbing repairs yourself, so if you aren’t confident, it is definitely advised to make your first response to a kitchen plumbing problem to be calling a plumber. So if you’ve decided to roll up your sleeves, give it a shot and don’t hesitate to look online or call a plumber if the problem is more difficult to solve than you thought. Keep in mind, many DIY methods can be the first line of defense against a plumbing problem, but carry no guarantee to solve the problem. If your problem persists after trying some DIY solutions, you will want to leave the rest to the professionals (who are insured) and call a plumber to help with your kitchen plumbing!