Video Inspection

Is a video inspection necessary for plumbing issues? When someone comes to clean your drains or vents, you never really know, do you, whether they actually did anything. That is why a video inspection is critical to customer confidence in the job, and why we offer a video inspection when we clean your drains.

In some cases, a video inspection may be necessary for plumbing issues. In addition to helping a customer feel confident about the job, a video inspection can also be very useful to the plumber cleaning the pipes.  If you have roots growing through your pipes, they can do more than back up your drain or make it slow.  Roots can be tiny, no more than a hair’s width, when they encounter and colonize your drain system.  A tiny fissure in your pipes can let a nearly invisible root in, but the root will grow—particularly in a nutrient rich environment like a drain.

And that growth means that the nearly invisible hole that let in a root becomes bigger over time and more roots enter new cracks. That is how main lines fail—many small problems becoming bigger over time.

If we can inspect the pipes through a camera lens, we can help you make plans for what you really need. Can we insert a sleeve and fix the problem without digging up the entire line?

Is the problem that someone flushed giant wads of paper towels down a toilet, and we don’t need to do any digging at all?

A video inspection can help us diagnose the true problem, and it can give you peace of mind that the problem truly is solved and won’t rear its ugly head again in two weeks or two months.  No one wants to constantly revisit plumbing problems.

Whether your plumbing problem is all over the house or in one spot and just not easily solved, we can use all the tools we have to fix it for you.