We Can Fix Any Drain Clog

We all get a drain clog now and then—they are simply part of life.  Kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, if you have a drain, they will eventually get clogged.  There’s a lot you can do to prevent drain clogs and a few things you can do to clear them on your own before calling in the professionals.  If you do your part, we’ll do ours when you need us.


A drain clog in a kitchen is frequently the fault of potato peelings, egg shells, or a lot of grease dumped down in-sink disposals.  So the easiest way to avoid clogged kitchen drains is to not dump those things down them. Peelings and shells—even if they seem to go through without a problem—can leave a buildup on the walls of your pipes and inside your in-sink disposal, and that build up…builds up, eventually making the pipes too narrow to allow normal flow of debris that should be able to pass easily.


Which is also what grease does.


In bathrooms, particularly in showers and sinks, hair is typically the biggest problem in causing a drain clog.  Everybody sheds, even if you don’t think you do.  Most people lose an average of 70 hairs a day, and that is just off your scalp.  All that hair gets caught on other things, especially soap scum, and causes a net of sorts that begins catching even more stuff until you have a nice clog.


One great tool is the little chain in the drain you can get for tubs and showers; simply pull it out and throw it away when the hair builds up.


If what the hair and other debris is caught on is roots in your main line, you will need a licensed plumber to do the clearing for you.  And if you have tried the baking soda-vinegar-hot water solution and your clog in the sink or tub won’t budge, give us a call.  Whatever you can’t clear, we can.