Solutions to Clean Bathroom Drains

Nobody likes doing their business in a dirty bathroom with a clogged drain, so take a few moments to learn about a few easy options to clean bathroom drains. There are some obvious practical reasons to keep your home bathroom clean and functional. It is also rather easy to maintain a smoothly running bathroom drain when you are careful about what goes down the drain. However, like most home maintenance, it is often something that is neglected until a problem such as a clog arrives.

Luckily, clean bathroom drains are problems that tend to be solved with a few solutions that range from free to relatively inexpensive. For those who have the time and want to try a home remedy, try tricks such as using a coat hanger to act as an improvised plumbing snake, baking soda and vinegar, and boiling water.

Keep in mind, there
is no guarantee that these home remedies will do the trick, and if your home is
using PVC pipes, you may be doing more harm than good by pouring boiling water
down your sink. Most pipe clogs are caused by either a single bit of
obstruction or by a buildup along the inner lining of the pipes. So, for
example, the method of using a snake will not be as effective clearing the pipe
when it is due to a slow buildup versus a single block of obstruction.

If you are nervous
about taking risks with your home’s plumbing system or don’t have the time with
your schedule, then you are better off calling your local plumber to deal with
the clog. These brief plumber visits are affordable and can get you clean
bathroom drains, without the worry of losing any time from your day or
accidentally causing more problems to your home’s plumbing system.