Mistakes to Avoid with Drain Cleaning in St. George

Maintaining a clean and functional house isn’t easy; especially when a certain drain continues to give you trouble. So here is a quick refresher on how to properly care for you drain, saving you time and money on a drain cleaning in St. George and repairs. Drain Cleaning in St. George While it is tempting […]

How to Detect Plumbing Problems in St. George that Commonly Cause Water Damage

Eventually, everyone will have plumbing problems in St. George. Not because St. George is a bad place to live, but because plumbing is a high-use workhorse in a home, and anything that gets that much use will eventually have to have repairs or replacements. The question is, when will your home and plumbing need attention? […]

What is the Potential Cost of a Plumbing Leak in St. George

A plumbing leak in St. George is a small inconvenience that can grow to be quite costly, especially if it is not dealt with in a timely manner. If caught early, a broken pipe is just a broken pipe. If caught late, it can become a broken pipe which leads to moldy drywall and a […]

Reasons to Replace Plumbing in St. George

Your plumbing is something you probably don’t think about much. You don’t sit around wondering about the reasons to replace plumbing in St. George. Instead, we all expect water in the showers and sinks and toilets, and we don’t anticipate problems in the drains. So, when a leak or clog happens, we are surprised and […]