Always Use Non Toxic Drain Cleaners in your Plumbing System in St. George

Trying to care for your plumbing system in St. George and the environment may seem to be opposite sides of a coin, but not when you have a trusty plumber only a call away! Many homeowners first solution to a clogged or even slowed drain is to buy a drain cleaner from their local market. […]

Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydrojetting in St. George

Have you ever heard of hydrojetting in St. George as a way to clear drain clogs? When you have a clogged drain that is beyond your plumber’s helper efforts, you call a plumber. When that expert arrives, you might be expecting a plumbing snake to clear the obstruction, but what if your plumber arrives with […]

Watch Out for These Sneaky Signs of Water Damage in St. George

Water damage in St. George is tricky to detect, and often when it is easy to find, the damage has already been done. Water damage is typically caused by flooding from storms, leaking appliances, overflowing tubs/sinks/toilets, and other pipeline backups or breaks. With so many possibilities of water damage, the least you can do is […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing Repairs in St. George

Cardinal rule: Nothing mechanical lasts forever. To keep from having major repairs, there are a few things you should know about plumbing repairs in St. George. Let’s face it, if you use plumbing—and we all do—you will have plumbing problems, sooner or later. If you learn a few basic tips, you can avoid the big […]